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9/22/08 11:46 am - New Business

Buy Local is the new Business Im starting with my Friend Brian.

It works on the scale of one city at a time. All the Citizens get a membership card, and with it they get discounts at participating merchants.
The merchants pay a monthly fee to be part of the program.

I wont know for sure if it will work till early October. That when every thing will be in place to start.

I believe this will work. I will be spending a lot of time going door to door for a while.


5/13/08 02:26 pm - He rhino charged us!

So on a whim I decided to see John McCain. He came to my town, I only had to drive 3 miles. He was touring the Seattle Watershed, it was not a public event but I came just to see what I could see.

Secret service was everywhere, but we got up to within 50 feet of where he was going to walk. When it was finaly time he gave us a wave and started to keep walking, but veered out of his escort and came to shake our hands!

That's opportunity for ya'

5/4/08 09:46 pm - LBSI v2

It will be interesting to look back at this post in the months and years ahead.

Will I be embarrassed, if I give up the goal I have now?

Maybe this will the post that you all point to saying, 'I told you so!'

Or will I look back with pride. Can I point and say, 'Thats the day when I decided to make it work.' Will I look back and tell my story to others? Who might I be able to help because this decision? What if? No, really what if this could be a turning point? I always believe myself when I'm going into something new, but something changes and makes it inconvenient or more difficult... *sigh* I want this to work very badly, maybe this time I will see it all the to completion.
The possibility's would be endless!

I cant wait.

4/15/08 03:12 am - Procrastination

It is now less than a week away.. Iv known about it for months. Why did I never take action before now? (Well tomorrow I mean) So now I have to scale back what I was planing. *sigh* Now, this wont make me dead in the water by any means, it will just cost me more in the long run.

That reminds me... TAXes are due in 20 hours, but Im not going to do them now. Just a little example. Nope, I'll do it when Im off work, like I told myself yesterday. >_<

Oh well, Id better start working on that...


5/30/07 01:47 am

How long can the party last?
How long before people loose the will to continue? At what point do people require resolution, or some sense of accomplishmemt? Could I go for a week? Would I break mentally or physically first... or would I just loose interest and wonder off into the night. Is it better to know where such a boundary is?

5/29/07 01:52 am

Friendships are a delicate thing.
They are the culmination of several very important relationships. Trust, everything has to do with this. Your friend must understand you in the same manner that you believe that he understands you, if for some reason this is not the case misunderstandings may occur.

You can have a friend for years and years, those friends are the easiest to predict. But when meeting new people, they may not yet have learned everything about you, some of the ‘gaps’ that they fill with assumptions turn out to be gapping character flaws when they don’t meet their expectations.
How best to prevent this from happening?

5/26/07 02:41 pm - Photo Bucket

I thought I would toss up a few of my favorits.


5/25/07 08:23 pm

I went for the most amazing hike today.
I started at the house, Just shoes and shorts. I knew it was going to be a good hike when I met a deer. It walked right up to me (15ft, from 60ft) we just went our own ways.
I think I was out there for five hours... yep. I love running through the forest, I am very good at it. It doesn't feel like running.. I almost float. Jumping is a big part of that, the feel of the wind! I found my way back to a stream for a drink. I also made an arch out of some rocks, a foot and a half tall *proud*. And then of into the bushes again. Then after a roll in the grass and a tumble down a hill I came home for a shower, I needed it.
=^-^= I feel great!

5/25/07 02:10 am

Sunned myself while at school. (I knew people were watching me, but didnt care.)
Tonight, my dad and I met in Issaquah for Mexican dinner and thed we went to a bar to play pool. I want to be better at it, I love the angles and the sound of the game. Tuesday and Thursday are free pool nights at my favorite little dive bar.
I will start looking for my oun Cue.

5/25/07 01:50 am

I think these are funny. you never know what they will say next!

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